Expert Advice for Land Subdivision

Getting expert advice. The complete process of preparing a development application for Land Subdivision can be so daunting. Brisbane City Council provides lots of information on their website, unless you understand the legal requirements and Brisbane’s planning rules this can be a complex task.  This is why at OJ Pippin Homes we have developed a team of experts and project … [Read more...]

Guide to Building Investment Property – Issue 12: Building Certification

12. Building Certification  Fully certified constructing with fourteen certificates plus a final certificate (Form 21) from the building certifier to state that your “investment or home is fit for occupation” and completed in accordance with all the regulations. The OJ Pippin team can guide through this process. For more information call our customer service team on 1800 … [Read more...]

Guide to Building Investment Property – Issue 11: Construction Begins

11. Construction begins  Construction on site, completion date between 12-14 weeks after building approval.  During construction we photograph each stage reached of the building to keep you up to date. Base stage Frame stage Roof stage Lock up Completion There are 5 Stages of construction when building a house Week One BASE – watch the slab go down. [singlepic id=37 … [Read more...]

Council approval

10. Guide to Building Investment Property: Council approval In order to get your building Council approval (commonly known as the building approval or BA) OJ Pippin Homes will lodge your full working drawings together with engineering plans, energy efficiency certificates and a number of other documents.  The private certifier will then issue us our BA (council approval) … [Read more...]