Is Someone Else Paying Your Mortgage?


Who wouldn’t be happy with that? A spacious modern 3-bedroom home with an attached 2-bedroom unit that can be rented separately helping to pay your mortgage. As this home is still to be built you get to choose what you would like in your home. Colours to suit your style, Tiles and carpet to suit your décor. If you are after a new home or investment property you need to … [Read more...]

Can You Afford to Build a New Home?

A white house for sale sign with the words Can You Afford It? asking the question of whether your money budget can handle a home buy or mortgage

If you're planning on building a new home, first and foremost contact your bank/mortgage broker and find out how much you can borrow? Next have a good, hard, honest look at your finances and ensure you can afford to repay what they are willing to lend you - even if it is an investment property there will be times which it may be unoccupied for a variety of reasons and you may … [Read more...]

Understanding Bank Valuations


Market Valuation or Bank/Forced Sale Valuation? (Mortgage in Possession) What is the difference ? A bank valuation will nearly always be less than the market value. This is because they’re not the same thing. When you take out a home loan, banks use the home as security. For you, the security means that the bank may lend you more at a lower interest rate than without security … [Read more...]