What are The Hidden Costs When Building a New Home in Brisbane?

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BUILDING CONTRACT CHANGES One of the quickest ways to blow your home building budget is to make changes once the building has started! Not only will this add to your original quote, but it may mean that work needs to be redone, changed or even demolished to achieve your wishes. For this reason, if your budget is important, it’s VITALLY important to precisely define your … [Read more...]

How our Industry Contacts Can Help You Avoid Unforeseen Problems

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When you buy land do you really know what you can build on it and if there is anything that could cost you significant amounts of money? Many people who buy land expect they can build whatever they want on it but unfortunately for many their dreams are ruined when they find out there are restrictions they were never aware of. "How do you lessen your risk of this costly … [Read more...]

Does the Location Impact Building Costs?

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Another area that can add hidden building costs to your build is the location of your land. This week we discuss bushfire, flood and accoustic zones. Bushfire Zone, Flood Zones, Accoustics The location of your land may also have an impact on your budget. If you live in an area that is close to the bush your property may have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating so you may … [Read more...]

Progress of the New House Being Built at Kedron

Stage 1

Follow along as we see the progress of this new house being built in Kedron. Selected from the OJ Pippin Homes standard floorplan designs, the Abby 275  two storey home design will surely amaze the onlookers. Stage 1 - Preliminary site inspection of the proposed land development is essential to attend a good understanding of the scope of work required , then the site is … [Read more...]