What are The Hidden Costs When Building a New Home in Brisbane?


Making all the design and colour choices, the newness of the home, and knowing you're the first to live in it, make building a new Brisbane home an exciting prospect. However, not knowing about possible hidden costs can bring your dream home excitement down to an overwhelming nightmare. Here at OJ Pippin Homes, we have a professional, knowledgeable team that will assist … [Read more...]

Benifits of Building New

A female architect looking over a model house with blueprints and color swatches on the table

Are you still undecided about building new? Here a few of the benefits to building your own home:  You get to choose the design and have involvement in the process so that it is exactly the way you want it, You can personalize it to suit your taste and lifestyle, you have a lot of choices and input right from the beginning. You can select your own fixtures and … [Read more...]

Why Knockdown and Rebuild Projects Could be Suitable Compared to Renovation

With the cost of home renovations and the scarcity of residential land from the inner neighbourhoods of Brisbane becoming frustrating, the idea of Knockdown and Rebuild Schemes is becoming an increasing trend as it offers numerous advantages and exceptional value. Constructing a new home allows you to start from scratch unlike extensions, renovations and alterations. The … [Read more...]

The Myth of free upgrade inclusions in home building

Are upgrade inclusions really free? Are you really getting free inclusions when you build a new home or is it a story which consumers are led to believe?I can tell you as a director of a building company which has been in business for over 20 years that you’re still paying for it.  Most builders provide Turn Key Homes and people get upgrades anyway; it’s just a marketing … [Read more...]