Hidden Costs | Council Building Fees


Building a house is not as straight forward as choosing a design and signing a contract, there may be a number of 'hidden' costs which can quickly send your budget spiralling out of control if you are not aware of them. This week topic is regarding Council fees. Council cost - knowing what they are up front Each council has different fee structures depending on what your … [Read more...]

Hidden Costs – Budget for Extra Cost to Build on a Sloping Block

Stone house on the slope of mount in Montenegro

Time and time we find clients who have purchased a great block of land with views on top of a hill and have put together their building budget based on the build component only but forget budgeting for the preparation of the block, especially if the block is not flat, that can add unforeseen costs to the build. Block - retaining/fill/cutting You can assume you will need to … [Read more...]

Subdividing Your Land

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As with any building - Do your due diligence! Subdividing your land is not as simple as deciding to split the land in two and building another house on the block or selling the divided land. Subdividing can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive! so make sure you are fully prepared before you begin, there are a number of things to think about prior to making your … [Read more...]

Does the Location Impact Building Costs?

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Another area that can add hidden building costs to your build is the location of your land. This week we discuss bushfire, flood and accoustic zones. Bushfire Zone, Flood Zones, Accoustics The location of your land may also have an impact on your budget. If you live in an area that is close to the bush your property may have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating so you may … [Read more...]

A Sloping Block = $$$$


Find out how to build without hidden costs topic this week is about choosing a sloping block will always add extra cost to your build, as this week's topic about Slope: Contour report - Surveyors map the land to show the slope of the property. Your plans may need to be adjusted based on the slope of the land and the way the block slopes eg: sloping from the front of the … [Read more...]