Understanding Bank Valuations


Market Valuation or Bank/Forced Sale Valuation? (Mortgage in Possession) What is the difference ? A bank valuation will nearly always be less than the market value. This is because they’re not the same thing. When you take out a home loan, banks use the home as security. For you, the security means that the bank may lend you more at a lower interest rate than without security … [Read more...]

Council Laws Relating to Dual Living

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Being able to build a dual living dwelling or duplexes on a single block of land creates opportunity in a tough housing market. The difference between the two dwellings is in the construction and strata titles. Dual Occupancy homes are similar to duplexes in that they are two homes on one block and are generally on one title as you cannot subdivide and they have only one lot … [Read more...]

Why You Should Move to Brisbane!


Thinking of making the move to Brisbane? If you are after a lifestyle change then Brisbane should be on top of the list! Why? Read on! The weather in Brisbane is perfect for enjoying the alfresco lifestyle and outdoor activities Australians have come to love. It's perfect for Sunday morning alfresco breakfasts, reading the paper over coffee or watching the kids play … [Read more...]

A, B or C?


As far as investment property designs, the Cooper 270 is a winner, this design gets top dollar on rental as it has great open plan design and  has 4 large bedrooms.  Below is 3 newly built Cooper 270 designs. Which facade and colour scheme would you choose for your next investment property A, B or C? Cooper 270 with a Double Garage is a very functional five bedroom, … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Get Money

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How do I get my loan approved? In today's volatile economic climate, the banks have made it much harder to borrow money and enable you to buy property and hence increase your investment portfolio. Knowing how the banks work and how they perform credit investigations and loan approvals will make it much easier for you to obtain finance for your next property and move forward … [Read more...]