Investing in property in Brisbane – What to expect?

Brisbane House and Unit Prices Tipped to Rise and Fall This Year This year the housing market in Brisbane is tipped to enjoy consistent growth - unlike many other major cities which have been gravely affected by the drop in the national economy. But, whilst Brisbane is expected to outperform many other popular cities, those looking to invest in houses may need to contend with … [Read more...]

8 Investment Property Rules That Reduce Risk and Boost Performance

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Rule 1: One or two properties will not secure your future Rule 2: Properties must be easy to hold Rule 3: Get the right property for the right area Rule 4: Don’t make decisions from your heart - you will never live there Rule 5: Doing things yourself costs more than you think Rule 6: Avoid student accommodation and serviced apartments Rule 7: New properties are easier to … [Read more...]

Where to invest in property


Domain published an interesting article today about where to invest in property, take a look...... Just one in 10 investors believe Sydney is the best place to buy in Australia, a new survey shows. Experts say the city is too expensive, even for property moguls, and they’re buying in Queensland instead. After years of booming prices, property in the harbour city is no longer … [Read more...]

Beware of Overcapitalizing – Build for the Area and Market

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Overcapitalisation is one of the most common real estate mistakes. This can be avoided by being aware of a suburb’s median price and not going too far above this price for a similar style of property in that area. If a property is improved beyond the median price, it generally leads to smaller profits when sold or being on the market unsold for a long period of time – not good … [Read more...]

Are You Thinking of Investing in Property?

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Identifying a great investment is the beginning of building your property portfolio. There a number of things to look out for when you are thinking of investing. There a few golden rules which could help you with making decisions: Due Diligence: You need to do your research and do it thoroughly because paying the right price is at the top of the list! Research the current … [Read more...]