Splitter Block Hawthorne Progress Photos


Keep track of the weekly update for this splitter blockĀ home built in Hawthorne. This homeĀ in the inner suburb Brisbane is undergoing a complete transformation, first it is to be demolished then the land will be split into two block followed by two builds of the Cooper 255 design. What are splitter block homes? The term splitter block applies to properties where there are two … [Read more...]

Why Knockdown and Rebuild Projects Can Be a Great Choice

Over the past few years, availability of land to develop residential homes has become scarcer within the inner Brisbane suburbs. This together with the high cost of home renovations has seen a rise in the number of home owners preferring knockdown and rebuild projects within their existing pieces of land. These projects are perfect because they provide great value for money … [Read more...]

Why Knockdown and Rebuild Projects Could be Suitable Compared to Renovation

With the cost of home renovations and the scarcity of residential land from the inner neighbourhoods of Brisbane becoming frustrating, the idea of Knockdown and Rebuild Schemes is becoming an increasing trend as it offers numerous advantages and exceptional value. Constructing a new home allows you to start from scratch unlike extensions, renovations and alterations. The … [Read more...]