What is Dual Key Dwelling?

What is a Dual key dwelling

A dual key dwelling (also known as dual occupancy or auxiliary dwelling) is a property that contains two dwellings on one lot. Not to be mistaken for a duplex (which can be titled separately), a dual key dwelling must be owned by the same person on one land title. In a nutshell, a dual key dwelling: • Is two dwellings on one title (usually a main house, and a smaller … [Read more...]

Maximise your Investment Opportunities with Dual key properties

dual key properties - maximse your investment opportunities

Dual Key Properties Whether you’re looking to build your nest egg, maximise your investment opportunities or simply add extra space for your family,  OJ Pippin Homes dual key dewelling is the ideal strategy for unlocking passive income from your property. Our team of highly experienced dual key investment specialists can help you to unlock your property’s full earning … [Read more...]

Introducing The New Mariana 6 Dual Occupancy Design

Check out the New Mariana 6 Dual Occupancy Design Mariana 6 Facade A, Dual Occupancy Single Garage is a very functional home. Unit 1 has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/meals and separate living. Unit 2 has four bedrooms, bathrooms and ensuite, kitchen/dining and separate living with patio area. This home is designed for a minimum of 10.5 m frontage. This home has a very nice … [Read more...]

Dual living

Dual Living Floor Plan

Thinking about building a Dual living home for your extended family? Take a look through this newly completed home which has been designed for a couples elderly mother to live with them but so everyone has their own space and independence. Do you need independent living for elderly parents or helping out adult children who refuse to leave the nest or a teenage retreat? The … [Read more...]

Dual Occupancy Two storey design

Whether it be for extra rental income or independent space for extended family, OJ Pippin Homes offer Dual Occupancy plans. Advantages of the Dual Occupancy Two Storey designs are: Dual incomes – under 4 bdm. Independent living & privacy. Future possibility of separate titles. Separate water and electricity meters. Designed to blend into traditional … [Read more...]