Subdividing Your Land

Low Res Splitter Image

As with any building - Do your due diligence! Subdividing your land is not as simple as deciding to split the land in two and building another house on the block or selling the divided land. Subdividing can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive! so make sure you are fully prepared before you begin, there are a number of things to think about prior to making your … [Read more...]

Understanding Bank Valuations


Market Valuation or Bank/Forced Sale Valuation? (Mortgage in Possession) What is the difference ? A bank valuation will nearly always be less than the market value. This is because they’re not the same thing. When you take out a home loan, banks use the home as security. For you, the security means that the bank may lend you more at a lower interest rate than without security … [Read more...]

Custom Home Design in Brighton

Stage 1

Over the next few months we will get showcasing the progression photos from a custom home design for a client building at seaside suburb of Brighton, North Brisbane. Stage 1 - Block photos - The land has been cleared and levelled, ready to start building soon Stage 2 - Underground plumbing is completed , slab poured and the framing materials have arrived. Stage 3 - … [Read more...]

Small Lots


The great Australian dream is changing! It is no longer the sprawling suburban environment with huge homes and acres of lawn, we are now searching for a smaller ecological footprint - the small lot has come of age due to increased residential density and changes to councils town planning. Councils differ on their definitions of small lots so which council your land is in … [Read more...]

Splitter Block Build in Nundah

Stage 14

  Scroll down below to view the weekly progress photos which have been uploaded so you can see the transformation of this block being split into two builds at Nundah.  Both houses are the new Hilda Design floor layout but have very different facades Stage 1 - Splitter block Site Cut - Block cleared, the excavator levels the land, silt barrier installed and now we are … [Read more...]