Knock down and Rebuild in Aspley

Follow along as we see the progress of this knock down and rebuild in Aspley Untitled-1

Selected from the OJ Pippin Homes standard floor plan designs, the Parkway two storey home design facade is impressive looking house and a well thought-out floor plan .

Stage 1 – With the consultation from the OJ Pippin Homes team the client organised the demolition and DA approval for this house.

Stage 2  – Before OJ Pippin homes start building on a site a Preliminary site inspection of the proposed land development is essential to attend a good understanding of the scope of work required.  

Stage 3 – After the site is cleared, the trenches for the under slab plumbing is positioned and then the footings and concrete slab is poured. 

Stage 4 -The materials for the frame have been delivered. The lower house frame has been erected and the second storey is going up.

Stage 5 – The roof trusses have been mounted and the roof is now installed, inside the sparkys and plumbers have completed their rough in and the glass window and door components are now secured into position.

Stage 6 – On the lower section the bricks are being laid.  The plaster sheets are now up on the walls and ceiling.

Stage 7 –  External bricking is now complete and the plasters have finished installing the cornices

Stage 8 – Carpenters have almost completed the external cladding on the upper level. The rendering is almost completed on the lower level. Inside a lot is happening, the waterproof is done and the tilers are preparing the floors. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is installation.

Stage 9 – Outside the painters have almost finished the external façade colours. Inside the tiler has completed laying the main living area floor and wet areas. Further carpentry is undertaken on the house for internal fixtures

Stage 10 –  the plaster has been sanded and the painters are prepping for spray painting the walls and ceiling. 

Stage 11 – Outside the landscapers and concreters are preparing the front yard.  Inside the appliances have been installed and the carpet underlay is going in.

Stage 12 – Outside the backyard is now levelled. Inside the first builders clean is finished, the carpet and wardrobes are installed in the bedrooms and the fix out carpenters are adding he finishing touches like handles 

Stage 13 – The finishing touches are now happening occurring outside: landscaping undertaken, the drive way has been poured.  Defect check will be done shortly and any small imperfections will be rectified before handover of the property to the client.


Stage 14 – After the final clean the professional photographer takes before the handover – This beautiful home is now ready for client to move into their new home.

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