What are the hidden costs when building a new home in Brisbane? Where do you start?

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Before you contact any builders, make sure you know what you want (size, type and location) and what amount you’re willing (and able) to spend. It is important that you define your needs beforehand so that you’re not only considering comparable quotes in your search for a new home builder, but also that you don’t get side tracked by a sales pitch.

Next, research the builder. Make sure they are highly respected within the industry and amongst their Clients. Look for industry associations such as membership of the Queensland Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association.

  • Read the testimonials of actual clients.
  • Look at their experience – are they the “new kid on the block,” or do they have years of experience with many happy clients?
  • Look at their building style – does it match with your aesthetic?
  • Look for quality, workmanship and attention to detail.

Previous client reviews matter, so read testimonials, and if possible contact previous clients, to discover their experiences first hand. Focus in particular on their experiences with the builder’s communication, as well as how any issues were handled, timeframes and budget blow outs. Once you have selected a builder, check to see how long the quote is valid (usually only good for 30-45 days).

Here at OJ Pippin Homes, we have a professional, knowledgeable team that will assist you throughout the planning, construction, and move-in process. Our turnkey homes are truly turnkey and nothing is left as a surprise. As a respected builder with 23 years in the industry, we believe in honesty and transparency from the outset, helping you know how much your house will cost up front, and we can assist you in modifying your building plans to meet your budget and make certain your dream home becomes a reality.

To find our more hidden costs to be aware of before building in Brisbane, check out our informative building advice blog or download our free Hidden cost report: http://blog.ojpippin.com.au/category/oj-pippin-home-builders-updates/discover-the-hidden-costs-when-building/

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