Building A New Home: Why you shouldn’t Necessarily choose the Lowest Quote from Brisbane Home Builders

Why You Should Be Wary Of Cheap Quotes from Builders in Brisbane

The planning stages prior to building a new home can be very costly, so when a ‘cheap’ quote comes in from a builder, it may be very tempting to accept it. Why not save costs where you can? The complexities of making a choice between builders can be difficult and stressful, especially when one quote seems to too good to be true (and it usually is).
In times gone by, building a home was a much easier process because prices were very standardised, builders were few, and quality was a mark of pride. Builders would do a good job because their livelihood would depend on their performance and reputation. Between 2005 and 2010 the land price sky rocketed in Brisbane, pushing the house and land prices through the roof. To remain competitive, some builders made the choice to reduce costs by reducing quality.

New home buyers should be wary of cheaper than normal quotes.

These are some of the reasons why:

True professionals in the building industry place a high value their output, and they know it takes resources and a highly skilled workforce to deliver a quality, well-finished house. A workforce of this type does not come cheap. The builder must manage the progress of the project by balancing timelines which adhere to the quality but don’t blow out contract time lines, the only way to do this is to hire more quality skilled trades.

· Builders submitting cheap quotes are usually looking at making their money through decreased costs of labour, materials and detail. Corners get cut on items like material specifications, blending of chemicals and enforcement of walls. Cheap builders try to reduce the number of working hours for employees and tradespeople by pushing them to over-deliver within short timelines. They also try to make profits by compromising on the attention to detail and specifications.

· Companies operate to make profits, and cheap builders usually sacrifice quality for quantity. Construction Supervisors are expected to manage an unreasonable number of projects, leaving their attention and expertise to be spread very thinly across too may builds. The result is inevitably a compromise on standards, quality and timeliness of construction.

While looking for builders in Brisbane, the name OJ Pippin Homes will likely come up. Our excellent track record in the areas of quality, communication and reputation is well known and documented in testimonials from many of our satisfied clients. OJ Pippin Homes is one of the few builders in Brisbane that pride themselves on the ability to deliver an excellent quality home in an a reasonable time frame, at a fair price reflective of their pride in their work.

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