The Six Potential Pitfalls of Building a New House

Building a new house

Building a new house can be a stressful ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to look out for and the questions to ask. There are six potential pitfalls that many builders won’t tell you about that you should be aware of before signing that contract.

1. What is really included in the new house price?
The inclusion list is where a lot of people miss important details when building a new house. This is also where most builders make their money by way of a variation. There are all sorts of little items you don’t think of up front that will cost you later on if not initially included, so make sure you go through the builder’s inclusion list carefully. The inclusion list covers the foundation of the house all the way up to the finishes on the kitchen cabinets. You don’t want to be half way through completion of your home to find out that beautiful kitchen you dreamed about doesn’t come with cabinet doors or drawers. At OJ Pippin Homes we are open, honest and up front. Our sales team will spend time with you to explain exactly what is included in the price when building a new house. No nasty surprises!

2. Display homes.
A deceptive strategy that many builders use is to show potential clients very high end, upgraded display homes, only to give a standard home price. Seeing the Rolls Royce model then providing a Kia price to clients is very common in the building industry. At OJ Pippin Homes, this a practice we prefer to avoid by being up front with costs. We strive to meet all your needs at a reasonable cost with no hidden extras.

3. How long is it going to take before you get to move into your home? 
Deception is also common with builder’s advertised build times. “Build your home in twelve weeks and move in” just simply won’t happen. Before we can even get to the point of doing a contract, the builder and client must go through the process of customisation of plans, make colour selections and agree upon the inclusion list. After this, we then need to go through the full building approval process with the Council. The organisation of all of these steps will take quite some time, so you should be aware of that up front.

4. Realistic build times. 
Being realistic on time frames is important, and some sales people will tell you want you want to hear. However, if you would like a quality home built then expect that it is going to take time. Shortcuts to cut time frames are not something you should look for in a huge investment designed to last you a lifetime. OJ Pippin Homes will give you a realistic time frame and regular updates so that you are aware of each stage of construction.

5. Budget blow out before the construction even gets started.
Before signing any contracts for a home, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve had a soil test and site survey done to ensure that your site costs are covered in the contract. In our experience, 90% of the building budget costs blow outs will occur due to unforseen site costs. Whether it be due to earth works and retaining, or due to soil classification coming back more poorly than what your builder has allowed when appraising, making sure these cost are covered will decrease budget cost blow out surprises.

6. Free upgrades.
Many times when people are looking at building a new home they get sucked in by the free upgrade packages many builders offer. Sometimes it’s as farfetched as $85,000 worth of upgrades for only $5,000 or $10,000 – completely absurd! Yet, people typically will buy into this. Just know that it’s a marketing gimmick in order to get your business. In the end, you will pay for these items in the overall price of the home. Nobody’s giving away those sort of inclusions for free! OJ Pippin Homes’ professional sales team will be up front with you – transparency is our key so no gimmicks are needed.

These six potential pitfalls are very important to be aware of when building a new house. Knowing these can mean the difference between a nightmare and a smooth, happy building experience. At OJ Pippin Homes, we care about your experience and pride ourselves on being open, honest, and up front in all aspect for our clients who are building a new house.

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