How our Industry Contacts Can Help You Avoid Unforeseen Problems

Consultant giving advice on how you can avoid unnecessary costs when building your new home

When you buy land do you really know what you can build on it and if there is anything that could cost you significant amounts of money?

Many people who buy land expect they can build whatever they want on it but unfortunately for many their dreams are ruined when they find out there are restrictions they were never aware of.

“How do you lessen your risk of this costly mistake happening?”

At OJ Pippin Homes we have access to a myriad of council records as well as industry experts in the town planning and engineering fields to help you lessen the risk of the unknown.

You can’t see what is hidden under the ground, so having access to the records of where water, sewerage and storm water system is vital. In some councils you cannot build over or near any of these services, while other councils will make you apply for planning permission and build to their requirements such as bridging. These services which can be an expensive and time costly exercise. Information and industry experts such as a structural engineer and town planner can give estimates of these requirements, viability and costs. Knowing this information upfront allows you to make informed decisions.

We see many people buying land expecting to build a duplex or multi units without knowing whether they can.  Zoning requirements are available from every council but they don’t tell the whole story. A short conversation with a professional town planner will usually clarify this, however the general public doesn’t have access to this service.  Because of OJ Pippin Homes association with these consultants we can generally get an answer in a short time frame. This allows us to help guide you toward proper decision making as part of your due diligence process.

“Do you know likelihood of being able to successfully build what you thought was possible on your considered land?” Have you really researched it thoroughly? This can save you thousands of dollars by knowing upfront the possible implications on site costs, build costs and your total project costs and hence profitability.

Wouldn’t you like a free second opinion on your project before you make an expensive mistake through lack of information, knowledge and experience? Give me a call.

Russel Gray
Article by Russel Grey
OJ Pippin Homes Sales Consultant
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