Hidden Costs – Budget for Extra Cost to Build on a Sloping Block

Small house built on a sloping block

Time and time we find clients who have purchased a great block of land with views on top of a hill and have put together their building budget based on the build component only but forget budgeting for the preparation of the block, especially if the block is not flat, that can add unforeseen costs to the build.

Block – retaining/fill/cutting You can assume you will need to employ a structural engineer if your retaining wall is over a metre in height and in some areas as low as 600mm, this a requirement by law in Australia. But before you start getting quotes, have another look at the area where your retaining wall is required. Is there any excavation necessary? Will there be any access problems for this work? Are there any trees that will need to be removed? What materials will you use for the retaining? The choices for your retaining wall include: boulders, timber, blockwork, concrete etc. at varied costs. All of these again will add extra cost to the retaining so have a good look around first.

Avoid a building nightmare: find out the 'hidden' costs before you start building

This report shows you how to avoid hidden costs when building


Don't let your building budget spiral out of control.

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