Subdividing Your Land

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As with any building – Do your due diligence! Subdividing your land is not as simple as deciding to split the land in two and building another house on the block or selling the divided land.

Subdividing can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive! so make sure you are fully prepared before you begin, there are a number of things to think about prior to making your decision –

1. Does your block meet the councils zoning requirements?
2. Are there any encumbrances over the land?
3. What easements are required? Where will the driveway and foot path be?
4. Do you have any trees that require cutting down? – council may not allow some types of vegetation to be removed.
5. Where are the storm water and sewage located?

Along with these, the size of your land is the first determining factor in whether your local council will allow you to subdivide your land. As a general rule of thumb any block less than 700m2 can be ruled out, this is because the council will want to ensure that there is enough room to build a driveway.

The slope of your land will determine a lot of the costs, flat land is always preferable to sloping land as a slope could restrict access to the property. You may also need to level the block or do retaining walls which can be very expensive.

If your block slopes away from the road, you will more than likely find the water and sewer are in a neighbouring yard in which case you will need their to permission to enter the yard to access these. If they don’t allow you into their yard it may mean you cannot subdivide your land.

A corner block is always a good option because you have dual street access and a drive can be put on both streets, along with the benefit of each home having its own street frontage – but you will responsible for a new driveway and maybe also a kerb, which will add $$$$$$s to your costs!

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