Hidden Costs: What type of soil are you building on?

What type of soil are you building on?

A major ‘hidden’ costs which can quickly send your building budget spiralling out of control if you are not aware the ramifications is the soil type. This week we are discussing: Soil classifications and how that can affect your building budget.


Before any builder or building company can give you a fixed quote for a build they will need to have a surveyor do a soil test and provide a contour report – If the builder doesn’t do this, how are they able to accurately price your contract! Soil is rated depending on what type it is – H and M classifications are generally classed as good but other soil classifications can cost thousands of dollars and this may vary depending on your builder and the type of property you are trying to build. Soil and Contour reports can cost upwards of $750.00

Avoid a building nightmare: find out the 'hidden' costs before you start building

This report shows you how to avoid hidden costs when building


Don't let your building budget spiral out of control.

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