Progress of the New House Being Built at Kedron

Follow along as we see the progress of this new house being built in Kedron.

Selected from the OJ Pippin Homes standard floorplan designs, the Abby 275  two storey home design will surely amaze the onlookers.

Stage 1 – Preliminary site inspection of the proposed land development is essential to attend a good understanding of the scope of work required , then the site is cleared and the under slab plumbing is positioned

Stage 2 – The footings and concrete slab is now poured

Stage 3 –The lower house frame has been erected and the second storey is going up

Stage 4 – The roof trusses have been mounted and the lower section is ready for brick laying.

Stage 5 –  Further carpentry is undertaken on the house.

Stage 6 – The roof is now installed and the all the glass components are now secured into position.

Stage 7 – The bricks have arrived, the electrical fit out is completed and the plastering is underway

Stage 8 – Outside the brick layers completed the lower section and the carpenters are installing the cladding.  Inside a lot has happened including plasters, stairs, bathroom fitout and waterproofing.

Stage 9 – The external cladding is finished and the painters are preparing to paint, inside the carpenters have installed the door jams, skirting and architraves and the tilers are amidst wall tiling.

Stage 10 – All the doors are now hung and the tilers are finishing off the wet areas

Stage 11 – The front render is occurring, the living area floor tiles are now laid and the cabinet makers are installing the kitchen

Stage 12 – Preparations for spray painting is underway inside.

Stage 13 – Installation for the kitchen appliances and bench top is finished, the electrical fit of including fans and lights is completed and the blinds installed.

Stage 14.  The driveway and other external concreting is underway and the fencing finished. Inside the security and air conditioning fit off is carried out.  In the bathrooms taps, shower screen and mirrors are installed.


Stage 15 – External concreting complete. Security screens installed to doors and windows.  The builders clean is underway to get ready for the delivery of the carpet.

Stage 16 – Landscaping undertaken, carpet laid.

Stage 17 – Defect check to see any small imperfections are rectified before handover to the client, followed by final clean and professional photographer takes the handover photos.

Stage 18 Handover – This beautiful home is now ready for client to move into their new home.




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