Small Lots

The great Australian dream is changing! It is no longer the sprawling suburban environment with huge homes and acres of lawn, we are now searching for a smaller ecological footprint – the small lot has come of age due to increased residential density and changes to councils town planning.

Councils differ on their definitions of small lots so which council your land is in will affect your council requirements. According to the Brisbane City Council web site it defines a ‘small lot’ as an area less than 450m2 or an area less than 600m2 (excluding the driveway) if a rear lot, whereas Moreton Bay Regional Council defines a ‘small lot’ as less than 500m2 or the lot width is less than 15m with a minimum area of 320m2 for Residential A.

At OJ Pippin we are small lot specialists and have many standard designs which are not only functional and do not compromise on space but they are aesthetically pleasing and ready for you to build your dream home now or our own in house drafting team can custom design one to suit your needs on your small lot.

Call (07) 38897775 or email for free advice on building on a small lot block in Brisbane.

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