Why Knockdown and Rebuild Projects Could be Suitable Compared to Renovation

With the cost of home renovations and the scarcity of residential land from the inner neighbourhoods of Brisbane becoming frustrating, the idea of Knockdown and Rebuild Schemes is becoming an increasing trend as it offers numerous advantages and exceptional value. Constructing a new home allows you to start from scratch unlike extensions, renovations and alterations.

The availability of modern building material technology and innovation offers the potential for constructing new homes that are more energy-efficient thus enabling you to definitely enjoy the modern lifestyle. Homeowners and buyers can therefore choose to knockdown their existing structures and rebuild them afresh thus achieving their desire to have a brand new home in their suburb or street of choice without going through the wearisome design limitations associated with renovation. In some, knocking down old units and rebuilding them afresh is much more cost-effective compared to renovation.

 How It Works

knockdown and rebuild

The process of knockdown and rebuild projects starts with selecting the perfect home design. As a homeowner or buyer, it is vital that you choose a home design that goes well with your preferences, block and budget. A builder will allow you to go through a wide range of available designs to help you choose one that best suits you, if you don’t have your own. The process normally involves the following steps:

  •  Assessment of the site
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Council requirements/agreements
  • Knockdown and recycling
  • Structure construction and
  •  Handover

If in any way your existing home does not meet your needs and yet you do not wish to move from a residential land, then you will find knockdown and rebuild to be a great choice. Additionally, extending the structure could also be an option to pursue. The obvious puzzle however is when does your current home become unappealing?  A number of factors should be considered carefully when deciding whether or not to extend or knock and rebuild. You need to ask yourself a few questions as outlined below and if your answer to any one of them is “no” or “possibly not”, then you might be a good candidate for knockdown and rebuild projects.

  •  Do you consider your existing home to be structurally fit? A structural engineer can help you decide and answer this question.
  • Are the walls plumb and straight? If your answer is “No”, then the cost of construction will probably increase.
  •  Is your home well slanting? In order to enhance your living surroundings, a good place to start is on how to adjust your home to help you take maximum advantage of the sunlight.
  • Is the winter sun blocked by any evergreen trees or neighbouring structures?
  •  Does the cost appear good or bad? On many occasions, renovation and extension projects tend to be more expensive per square meter compared to building new homes due to numerous factors.
  • Can the extension area be accessed easily for construction or are there buildings and gardens that could hamper this? It could end up being too expensive to bring in the necessary equipments manually.
  • Are you able to extend the home from one side without demolishing small components while aligning the extensions properly using the current home? Minimising workmanship will be very important for cost and time saving.

Answering these along with other questions can be very helpful in the decision making process. In most cases, people who opt for knockdown and rebuild projects normally take into account the value of their land thus avoiding the difficulties of relocation. Additionally it is vital that you consider energy saving efficiencies and environmentally friendly features when deciding on whether or not to knockdown and rebuild or extend your existing home.

knockdown and rebuild


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    I agree. Sometimes existing homes simply aren’t worth retaining. Even more frequently, an old home simply isn’t a wonderful place to live unless your renovations are extensive enough to remove all those issues that come with an ‘old’ house. Old pipes, old cables, old structure all need to be revamped. Retaining a heritage ‘feel’ in suburbs of Brisbane is hampering our chances of having nice homes to live in – let alone energy efficiency and good designs. Structural engineers, designers and builders can only do so much with old bones of an old house. Our history as a city is a wonderful thing – but I don’t think we need to live in the past to celebrate it.

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