Sub Division in Brisbane

Are you considering splitting your block of land into two titles?

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Property Subdivision

To perform a subdivision in Brisbane on a lot, you should firstly find out the key facts about the property (zoning, constraints and lot size)

Finding information about property subdivision

Brisbane Council’s Development Assessment staff show how to access property information online and demonstrate how to find out whether a property can be subdivided, including the likely level of assessment.


Brisbane City Council’s Definition of Sub Division

Subdividing, also known as ‘reconfiguration of a lot’, includes:

  • creating two lots from one existing house lot
  • creating a number of lots from one larger parcel
  • rearranging the boundaries of a lot, without creating a new lot
  • creating a community title scheme
  • creating a ‘volumetric subdivision’ (using space above or below the land)
  • subdivision by lease exceeding 10 years

There is a lot of processes that need to be compliant with the Subdivision Code the good news is OJ Pippin homes have all the resources to offer Expert help and can save you time and make the subdivision process a lot easier for you. We will engage a surveyor to design your subdivision so it complies with the relevant Code criteria.  Our Surveyors are familiar with the Subdivision Code (PDF – 905kb) and Council’s Subdivision and Development Guidelines (which provide guidance on how to interpret and meet the requirements of the Subdivision Code and other relevant Codes). We will also enrage a town planning consultant to help you prepare your planning application. A town planner will make sure that all relevant Codes are considered, such as the Services, Works and Infrastructure Code and the Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Code.

Sub division in BrisbaneIf you have any question about splitter blocks and or Sub Division in Brisbane or surrounding area’s, don’t hesitate to call our expert team at the OJ Pippin Home office: 1800 OJHOME 1800 654 633 or email  

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